Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This cute guy was our inspiration.

The costume is just two boxes and some stuff from around the house. 

Teddy had been wearing the box the wipes came in and calling it his robot hat, so we used that one and another one we'd been storing my clothes in. We chopped the bottom off of that one and cut some arm holes and a head hole, and a hole for the dial, and cut out a square for his cute face to peek through. I spaced padded photo adhesive around the edges to give him rivets, screws, whatever you'd call them. 

Then I painted it all with my tiny can of red craft spray paint and got the head and one side of the body painted before I ran out of paint. And you could still see the printing on the boxes. No good. After a trip to Home Depot, we ended up with two big cans of spray paint that also had primer in them. Joe did that coat late one cold night. 

The next morning I went out and popped our kitchen timer in (I'd done a practice piece the day before to make sure it would hold) and taped it on the back side to make sure it holds. And then I used Elmer's glue to glue some blocks on. Eyes, dials, switches, ears. They're all just blocks we have laying around the house. I took  a hanger and bent it into the cute thing on top and added an ear plug to finish it off and keep someone from getting poked in the eye. 

And that is the story of the robot costume. 

Teddy was convinced that we'd already done our trick-or-treating at the church party the week before Halloween, so he wasn't super gung-ho about wearing it again to go actual trick-or-treating, despite the mild weather. 

I carried the "robot hat" around the neighborhood and then popped it on his head after I rang the doorbell. He couldn't reach doorbells or his basket with the box on. So basically I went trick-or-treating as a new mom (complete with a cute baby strapped into the Ergo) and I just so happened to have a red robot tagging along, repeatedly asking to take the box off. 

We ended up only going to a few doors (luckily at our apartment complex you can hit four doors in one stop!) and called it good. 

Happy Halloween!