Tuesday, October 18, 2011


To hold you over until we do the 10 month post.

He might have the chubbiest cheeks in all the land!

Monday, October 10, 2011

the search is over

Mr. Yin will be rejoining the working world tomorrow (and by tomorrow, I now mean today).

So we're settling here in Central Jersey for the foreseeable future. (Email me if you want our updated address. Phone numbers should stay the same and should work in the area once we get new phones.)

We found an apartment and will be moving in three weeks. Huzzah for being our own little family again!! In the two cross-country moves we've made in the past two years, we shed most of our stuff. Some of it went to brothers and sisters and some of it was sold, and a lot of it was donated to Goodwill and DI. That means we'll slowly be acquiring all new (or new-to-us) stuff. And Mr. Yin and I are excited about that. I hope to be able to upcycle some things we find on craigslist or consignment shops or Freecycle. I've always wanted to do projects like that and now we actually need stuff. So it'll be fun.

It'll mostly be fun to be a family of three again.

We're very excited for Mr. Yin to be able to put his education to good use. But we'll miss him during the day.