Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Night, Irene

Well. Irene came to visit.

She left us with six inches of water in the basement.

And no power.

So we no longer live in the basement.

Friday, August 26, 2011

eighth mesaversary

Eight months.

It's been a kind of quiet month here are the Yin home for Tedimundo.

He continues to be an absolute joy of a little guy. But he's also decided he likes to be in his mom's arms whenever he's remotely hungry or tired. That's joyful, right?! Luckily his dad is a pro at distracting him.

His newest tricks include rudimentary clapping (I even got a video of it! Check Google+), the beginnings of waving hello and good bye and rolling his tongue. Yes, tongue rolling!

Back when we still lived in the desert, Teddy Bear rolled over for the first time and then got up on his knees all in the same day. Mr. Yin and I looked at each other and laughed, thinking we were doomed with an early crawler. Luckily we could not have been more wrong! This past month he's made a bit of an effort to get there. He's spent the month lunging out onto his hands from a seated position, and then added getting up onto his toes. But that's as far as he goes. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he crawls, but in the mean time I call this move the "not-crawl". Because that's what he's doing: not crawling.

He's still content to sit and play with his toys or us and loves to help me around the kitchen or do anything where he gets to accompany me. Laundry is a new favorite. He sits on the dryer and plays with odd socks while I load and unload. He gets a big kick out of sitting up so high.

While he still doesn't love-love eating solid foods, he goes along with it better now and actually keeps opening his mouth for more after three bites. Carrots seem to be a big hit. He's taken to drinking out of my cup and thinks it might be the best gig in town. I thought maybe he's like to feed himself and so gave him some bananas to test it out and he immediately smeared it all over his fancy seat and himself and never once put it into his mouth. Everything but food goes into the mouth I guess.

We took the lad up to MA to help celebrate my mom's birthday and he got to spend some good time with his little girl cousins. I think he might be as big around as his five-year old cousin. I'm not exaggerating. While we were there I weighed him on my parents' scale and he rang in at 24 lbs. So he's still still the Chub. His chubba legs continue to kick and kick. They displace a lot of water during bath time.

I love when he sings songs and grabs his toes. It reminds me he's still a baby even though he's the size of a toddler! We love every inch of him.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


(This post is kind of dated. Last month we went to MA to see the family. And we just got back from the second trip there, so, yeah, dated. )

The trip was mostly dedicated to meeting family and a few friends. (And getting blessed at church, but that is a different post.)

Teddy Bear got to meet Gram. He was a huge fan. He loves to grab her face and giggle.

He met his Gong Gong Grandpa, and they were fast friends. They philosophized together.

The ride up was more like torture for him than anything else. I'm still convinced it was the worst day of his little life. It took him a few days to get over the trauma of it and for his voice to come back to normal. He would have been much happier if Mr. Yin had let him drive instead of be strapped into his seat.

The way back was much better. We learned some better distraction techniques (card board box! plastic water bottles!) and introduced the the hoodie I wear when I nurse him. Like Herman once said, it takes a small miracle to achieve this serenity. He always sleeps with his Pomp frowny face in the car.

He saw the ocean for the first time, but didn't stick his feet in this time around since we forgot the sun screen. Hence the blanket. We're awesome parents.

We saw Beth in Salem and she shared her little friend Julia's toys with Teddy. Julia has some pretty sweet toys.

He met Ruthie Pants, his little twin cousin. (They were due on the same day. Teddy came 9 days early, Ruthie took her time and came 9 days late.) She is a mover. She's mastered the army crawl and crawled right over to the Chub and gave him kisses. I mean she tried to bite his ear, (with her six teeth!). She was very interested in him. And he just sat there and took it like the little man he is.

These little babies are super wiggily and it was nearly impossible to get a good picture of the two of them.

So many people to meet! He met Jaime and Tirza for the first time. They were all friends. Good friends. And they got a little preview of what it will be like when Ruth puts on about 8 more pounds!

More meeting! Heath came to visit us the desert, but he had yet to meet the rest of the Coops. Her girls are very doting. They adore their little cousin Edmund. (And we got all blurry photos. Boo. Don't worry, we got great ones this last visit.)

And just for fun we brought his Bizzy sweater to show Gram her handiwork and share the adorability.

(I apologize for the lameness of this post. At least there are some cute photos!)

Friday, August 12, 2011

meet the dog

Mr. Yin's little cousin has a dog. Sometimes the dog comes and stays here.

I'll be honest, I was kind of nervous about Teddy Bear meeting the dog, but they met when I wasn't there and they're totally cool with each other. And I'm cool with it now.

Teddy might like him more than he likes Teddy. But the dog couldn't love Sophie the Giraffe more, unless of course we let him chew on her. Which we don't.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

it's been a while


Someday when he's old enough to care, I want to get one of these cute ride-on toys for him.

He doesn't sit in chairs, he owns them.

He's taken to sticking his tongue out lately. I love it.

The result of my efforts to capture a picture of his two cute teeth.

The chubba thighs and big ol' behind. From behind. Please note the ankle rolls.