Friday, August 27, 2010

the truth

We're home.

Home, sleeping in our own bed.

And there is so much to blog about. And I want to.

But the heat.

The heat keeps me from doing much.

See, being 6 months (!) pregnant, I really am an oven.

And my computer radiates heat when I turn it on.

Heating up our already-warm apartment.

And me.

Thus rendering me reluctant to even turn on my computer.


There is a lot to share.

Photos. Stories. The Bump.

So I will. But it may be slow coming.

For now. Here is one of my favorite photos of the Bump and me* in the Louvre.

(Photo was taken about a month ago, I am--and feel--much bigger now!)

(For future reference, the Bump is affectionately known as Edible. And no, we don't know if Edible is boy or girl. But we generally refer to Edible as a her.)

*Apologies to Jaime.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We survived.

We're back in the good old Stati Uniti.

Our feet are sore, our skin is more tan (despite the sunscreen!) our memory cards are full, and my belly is bigger. All evidence of our wonderful month abroad.

Baby Yin, who we lovingly call Edible, might just come out of the womb made of croissants and gelato. If that's the case, Edible is a delightfully perfect name for the child.

Edible held joyful kick boxing practice every time I had gelato (which was a lot this past week). A wee one after my own heart.

Posts are forthcoming. But maybe not until we're all the way back home in our own apartment in a few more weeks.

We had a lovely time and definitely quenched our desires to see Europe.

(Um, I'd post a few pictures, except I have no idea how to find them on Mr Yin's computer!!)