Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I win!

This morning I had an email from Gabrielle Blair (aka Design Mom--check out her giveaway for today, it's ridiculous. In a really good way.) in my inbox letting me know I had won a cute personalized onesie from this generous site.

We're excited! Wait until you see Edible in his/her personalized onesie: I'm sure it'll be an adorable sight.

The last time I won something from a blog (the most delicious homemade carmel-chocolatey popcorn) was from a personal friend. But this is a major blog that gets a lot of media attention. (Truth be told I've been a reader since before all the attention. It's just a good blog.)

Great way to start the day!

Zoot doot

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday adventure

Chubba baby Mr. Yin and his brother, the other Mr. Yin.
Nothing to do with Black Friday, but cute nonetheless.
We did it.

We braved Black Friday this year.

Not the crazy before-the-sun-rises sales. Just good sales for after the sun comes up.

We headed to JoAnn's to get some flannel that was only $1.29 a yard. Plus an additional 20% off if you were there by noon.

We picked up a few other things we needed while we were there since pretty much everything was on sale. Now my craigslist-find rocking chair will have a cushion; a big fatty soft one. And 50% cheaper than it would have been!

I was surprised how friendly everyone (customer and employees) was. Especially considering the wait at the cut counter. Our number we picked up first thing was 66 and they were currently helping 88. Only 78 people in front of us. 78 people with carriages full of bolts of fabric that needed cutting. The flannel aisle was chaos.

It was well worth the hour of our time spent, however. We saved $27 and only spent $15!

So Black Friday was good to us.

A side note on being due on December 25:

One fun thing about being so visibly pregnant is I get lots of inquiries about my due date. After a response of "Christmas Day", people are delighted and giggle and then warn me about making sure to celebrate the birthday separate from Christmas.

I get even more exclamations of joy when I say we're having a surprise--maybe boy, maybe girl. Then people take a closer look and guess Edible's gender. Usually people say boy because of how low-riding this little one is.

Get your guesses in!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we're thankful for a gazillion things.

Mostly little Edible, each other, and you: our wonderful friends and family.

Last night we started Operation Make Way for Edible.

Here's the result so far:

A little baby corner.

Next step: add some decor.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it's started

Taken at 30 weeks. So add five weeks to that belly size. It's now a much better table!
And like most shirts, that one no longer covers the large expanse.

The babe and I are awake. And have been since 3:30 this morning.

It used to be that I could sleep through anything. But recently, upping my nightly tinkle breaks from two to three has been the kicker. After the third time, Edible decides it's time to wake up and does all kinds of tricks to keep me awake. Hiccups being the preferred and most effective method. Usually I try to ignore it, sing songs in my head and manage to slip in and out of sleep until the sun comes up.

But today it wasn't happening. No slipping into half sleep where I toss and turn and then wake myself up with a loud snore. (Oh the snoring! A few weeks ago Mr. Yin asked the midwife if there was anything we could do about the snoring brought on by increased congestion thanks to the many hormones. She recommended ear plugs.)

So here I am. Wide awake at 5:30. Me: the last person you'd expect awake at such an hour without a plane to catch.

All of that will change in three to seven weeks after Edible's arrival. Three to seven weeks, can you believe that?! Let's hope Edible is three weeks old by the time week 42 arrives. Three weeks old and sleeping through the night. : ) My mom will be here over Christmas and New Year's and I really hope she gets to meet and snuggle this little baby before she has to leave. Unlike her last grandchild who refused to come before she had to fly home.

After months of not gathering any baby items, tiny clothes and blankets and diapers are piling up, thanks exclusively to the kindness and generosity of friends and family. We have an awesome stroller with the biggest canopy ever to keep the desert sun out of Edible's eyes. The homemade goodness has come in the form of a nursing cover, blankets, wash cloths and burp cloths--and I love them and the love that has gone into each one. The tiny clothing is mostly yellow and white, but will become more vibrant post arrival. The mini crib that will live in the corner of our bedroom will be put together tomorrow, after the big cleanse to make room for it all. Mr. Yin will be making a movie of the process for his operations class. Yes, there will be a storyboard. Perhaps we'll call the finished product "Make Way for Edible".

For those of you who may be interested, we're now taking guesses on Edible's arrival date, gender, weight and length. Just leave a comment or send an email with your guesses. Extra points for arrival dates before December 25. A prize has not yet been determined for the winner but will involve bragging rights. Mr. Yin thinks we should award a week of one-on-one time with Edible in about two years. You can't beat that!

Looks like Edible has calmed down and the heartburn has mostly subsided. I just might crawl back into bed now that the sun is due up any minute.